Name Position Phone
VanMeter, Becky Cafeteria Manager ext. 6009

Computer Lab

Name Position Phone
Good, Valerie Technology Coordinator/Library ext. 6118


Name Position Phone
Hays, Phyllis Head Building Technician ext. 6011


Name Position Phone
Collins, Kenzie 7th Grade English ext 6117
Runkle, Leigh Anne 8th Grade English ext 6113
Smoker, Tara 6th Grade English ext 6122


Name Position Phone
Butler, Alison FACS ext. 6129
Roberts, Bryce Boys P.E./Girls P.E. ext. 6113
Basham, Nathan Communications 6/7/8 ext 6104
Bemont, Isabelle Band/Music 6/7/8 ext 6132
Gillingham, Samantha Vocal Music 6/7/8 ext 6131
Hinderlider, Leah Agriculture ext 6128


There are no Contacts to display


Name Position Phone
Schoen, Lori Real World Math ext. 6116
Brown, Stephanie 8th Grade Math ext. 6112
Pamela Brower 6th Grade Math ext. 6121
Shaffer, Ron 7th Grade Math ext. 6107


Name Position Phone
Dunwoody, Sally 6th Grade Science ext. 6123
Cripe, Misty 8th Grade Science ext. 6111
Howedshell, Abby 7th Grade Science ext. 6108

Social Studies

Name Position Phone
Thomas, Chad 8th Grade Social Studies ext. 6114
Bernotus, Kyle Grade 7 Social Studies ext. 6115
Bailey, Dan 6th Grade Social Studies ext. 6119

Special Education

Name Position Phone
John Wachtmann 7th Grade Special Education ext. 6101
Christensen, Richard 8th Grade Special Education ext. 6105
Pugh, Kylie 6th Grade Special Education ext. 6124


There are no Contacts to display


Name Position Phone
Wilson, Tristan Tech/PLTW 6/7/8 ext. 6125
    • Central Office

      Rochester School Corporation
      690 Zebra Lane
      Rochester, IN 46975

      Tel: 574-223 2159
      Jana Vance, Supt.


      High School

      Rochester Community HS
      1 Zebra Lane
      Rochester, IN 46975

      Tel: 574-223-2176
      Fax: 574-223-3401
      Chris Keisling, Prin.
    • Middle School

      Rochester Middle School
      650 Zebra Lane
      Rochester, IN 46975

      Tel:  574-223-2280
      Fax: 574-223-1531
      Oscar Haughs, Principal
      Cassie Murphy, Asst. Prin.
      Nathan Kreamer, Counselor


      Columbia Elementary
      1502 Elm St.
      Rochester, IN 46975

      Tel: 574-223-2501
      Fax: 574-223-0530
      Jason Snyder, Prin.

      Riddle Elementary
      302 Barkman St.
      Rochester, IN  46975

      Tel: 574-223-2880
      Fax: 574-223-1539
      Luke Biernacki, Prin.

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