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    RMS News & Tweets

    RMS Week at a Glance: 10/25/2021-10/30/2021

    Monday: 10/25/2021

    ● Happy Monday and last week of October!

    Tuesday: 10/26/2021

    ● Championship Mornings @ RHS Weight Facility 6:45 am 

    ● Study Tables 5th-7th grade 2:45-3:45 PM

    Wednesday: 10/27/2021 - Activity Period

    ● LATE START Wednesday 8:30 AM - 2:45 PM (Doors still open at 7:30 AM) 

    Thursday: 10/28/2021

    ● Study Tables 5th-7th grade 2:45-3:45 PM 

    ● Fast Friday Caller goes out to any student that has missing assignments 

    Friday: 10/29/2021

    ● FAST Friday! (2:45-4:00) 

    ● RMS/RHS Band Halloween Party 5:30-10:00 PM (for band students only) 

    Saturday: 10/30/2021

    ● No events! Have a great weekend!

    Drop off and pick up parking lot maps:  



    RCSC Restructioning Frequently Asked Questions

    We appreciate your questions and concerns regarding the restructuring of our district.
    Please email questions and concerns to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Q: How separated will the 5th graders be from the 6th and 7th grade classes? Passing Periods? Lunch? Specials?

    A: The 5th grade classes will have their own hallway with classes right next to each other just as they do at Riddle. They will have a separate lunch and will not be in the hallway during 6/7th passing periods. The 5th grade will have their own elective (specials) classes as well, just as they do currently.

    Q: Will 5th grade still switch between classes as they currently do at Riddle?
    A: Yes, the plan is to keep this the same.

    Q: Will 5th grade be sent out to the parking lot with the rest of RMS to be dismissed?
    A: No, we will have a monitored dismissal for 5th grade.

    Q: Will 5th grade be moved to RMS athletics instead of youth?
    A: No, 5th grade will remain in our youth sports program and will not participate in RMS sports.

    Q: Will 5th graders have an opportunity to visit RMS before the start of the next school year?
    A: Yes, the upcoming 5th grade will have 2 dates to come and visit RMS. 5th Grade Orientation will be May 20th, 2021 at 6PM; and 5th Grade Riddle to Middle will be July 30th, 2021 at 8AM-12PM. 6th Grade will also have both opportunities as always as well. Their dates are as follows: 6th Grade Orientation will be May 18th at 6PM; and 6th Grade Riddle to Middle will be on July 29th, 2021 at 8AM-12PM.

    • Champions Together Video Spotlight

      Announcements 10/27/2021

      1. If you want to join the yearbook staff, our first meeting will be Wed. Oct. 27 after school until 3:30pm in Mrs. Howdeshell’s room.

      1. Attention 6th and 7th graders:  FCA will be meeting this Friday morning at 7:00am in the RMS gym!  Everyone is welcome to attend.  Donuts and dodgeball are on the agenda.

      Lunch: mini corn dogs, mini sliders, chips, baked beans, mixed fruit

      Athletics: None

    • VISION
      In student-centered, academically challenging environments that cultivate character, celebrate learning and foster collaboration, the staff, families and greater community of the Rochester Community Schools Corporation, as partners, will develop creative, lifelong learners with the skills and enthusiasm to be contributing members of society to shape a changing world.

      Rochester Community Schools"¦inspiring individuals to learn, grow, and give.


      The Rochester Educational Community is committed to the modeling and development of the following student traits:  

      • Motivation to learn at the highest level
      • Good work ethic
      • Respect for self, others, and property
      • Compassion and caring
      • Responsibility, reliability, and accountability
      • Ability to work with and get along with others
      • Appreciation of diversity
      • Ability to set goals, make good choices, and solve problems
      • Willingness to give to community and be a good citizen
      • Honesty and integrity
      • Critical thinking and creativity
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      • Central Office

        Rochester School Corporation
        690 Zebra Lane
        Rochester, IN 46975

        Tel: 574-223 2159
        Jana Vance, Supt.


        High School

        Rochester Community HS
        1 Zebra Lane
        Rochester, IN 46975

        Tel: 574-223-2176
        Fax: 574-223-3401
        Oscar Haughs, Prin.
      • Middle School

        Rochester Middle School
        650 Zebra Lane
        Rochester, IN 46975

        Tel:  574-223-2280
        Fax: 574-223-1531
        Cassie Murphy, Principal
        Lukas Schoenhals, Asst. Prin.
        Nathan Kreamer, Counselor


        Columbia Elementary
        1502 Elm St.
        Rochester, IN 46975

        Tel: 574-223-2501
        Fax: 574-223-0530
        Jason Snyder, Prin.

        Riddle Elementary
        302 Barkman St.
        Rochester, IN  46975

        Tel: 574-223-2880
        Fax: 574-223-1539
        Luke Biernacki, Prin.

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